Learn from the experts that started it all.

Cone Editions Press was the first commercial digital fine-art print lab. Even before it went digital, Jon and Cathy were teaching workshops on screen-printing & gravure.

Take a four day workshop in Piezography Printing!

Learn how to print with Piezography K7 & Piezography Pro. Learn how to linearize Piezography, how to repair your printer, & master your image in Photoshop. Walk away with a slew of amazing prints!

Learn the best digital negative system on earth.

Print with Platinum & learn the PiezoDN digital negative process. Learn to linearize and profile your negative for any darkroom process. Learn to master images for low-contrast alt-process mediums. All metals included.

Take an open-ended 1-1 workshop with us.

Whether it’s one day or four days, come to our studio and learn in a way that’s tailored to exactly what you need to know.

Implementing Piezography in your lab?

Learn how to set up Piezography in a learning environment or commercial print lab. We bring you behind the scenes and show you all the secret tricks that we’ve developed for implementing a smooth workflow from start to finish. This workshop is for individuals or teams.

Fine-Art Digital Printmaking Workshops

Our workshops are hands-on and cover a wide range of techniques, equipment and materials. The workshops take place in the studios of Cone Editions Press and and at Making Art Safely in Santa Fe, NM. These workshops offer attendees the unique opportunity to learn workflow and procedures from the masters. These workshops are an excellent opportunity to learn proven workflow in a fully equipped digital printmaking studio immersed in the latest technologies. Come see why Margaret Miller, Director of the University of South Florida Contemporary Art Museum declared that “Jon Cone is almost the Tamarind of the moment, because he’s done so much with the training and adapting of this new medium for printmaking.”

Fine Art Black & White Printmaking Workshop

This course will take you from basics to mind blowing in four days. Absolutely everything you ever wanted to know about PIEZOGRAPHY K7 AND PIEZOGRAPHY PRO and quite a bit more. Learn directly at the Studio that invented Piezography from the instructors who continually design and update it!

Appropriate for both first-time and seasoned users of Piezography. You should have a basic working knowledge of either Photoshop or and Lightroom.

Piezography Re-Imagined, Santa Fe

Piezography Reimagined refers to several aspects of Jon Cone’s Piezography Basics course here at MakingArtSafely. Taking from lessons learned over the past 9 offering of this course we feel we have developed our approach and studio layout to truly deliver on the promise of Piezography and Jon’s unique understanding of the digital photographic print. To keep our eyes on that prize Jon has developed a course syllabus that gives an excellent overview of your 5-days here.


Piezography Digital Negative for Alternative Process

This course is designed to teach both Piezography process as well as Piezography PiezoDN Digital Negative. We teach Digital Negative by demonstrating Platinum and Palladium printing. 

The new Piezography PiezoDN Digital Negatives are more detailed and smoother than digital negatives made with color inks. PiezoDN Digital Negatives replicate the effects of a continuous tone silver negative and do not have the digital artifacts and defects produced by using color inks in combination with the QTR or Epson printer driver.

Private Workshops

At Cone Editions Press, we offer private 1-1 or group workshops on any topic (or mix of topics) desired. This may include image mastering technique, Piezography printing and calibration, wide-format printing, color management and printing, studio setup and design, educational consultation, Platinum/Palladium printing, digital negatives, experimental technique, and so much more. We welcome you to call us if you are interested in taking a 1-day or multi-day workshop with the staff at Cone Editions Press.

And of course, this also happens at our workshops!