Learn from the experts that started it all.

Cone Editions Press was the first commercial digital fine-art print lab. Even before it went digital, Jon and Cathy were teaching workshops on screen-printing & gravure.

Take a four day workshop in Piezography Printing!

Learn how to print with Piezography K7 & Piezography Pro. Learn how to linearize Piezography, how to repair your printer, & master your image in Photoshop. Walk away with a slew of amazing prints!

Learn the best digital negative system on earth.

Print with Platinum & learn the PiezoDN digital negative process. Learn to linearize and profile your negative for any darkroom process. Learn to master images for low-contrast alt-process mediums. All metals included.

Take an open-ended 1-1 workshop with us.

Whether it’s one day or four days, come to our studio and learn in a way that’s tailored to exactly what you need to know.

Implementing Piezography in your lab?

Learn how to set up Piezography in a learning environment or commercial print lab. We bring you behind the scenes and show you all the secret tricks that we’ve developed for implementing a smooth workflow from start to finish. This workshop is for individuals or teams.

Fine-Art Digital Printmaking Workshops

Our workshops are hands-on and cover a wide range of techniques, equipment and materials. The workshops take place in the studios of Cone Editions Press and and at Making Art Safely in Santa Fe, NM. These workshops offer attendees the unique opportunity to learn workflow and procedures from the masters. These workshops are an excellent opportunity to learn proven workflow in a fully equipped digital printmaking studio immersed in the latest technologies. Come see why Margaret Miller, Director of the University of South Florida Contemporary Art Museum declared that “Jon Cone is almost the Tamarind of the moment, because he’s done so much with the training and adapting of this new medium for printmaking.”

2018 Workshop Descriptions and Signup Links

Color Printing and Studio Practice

Successful color printing relies on understanding and fully utilizing the technology used to capture, enhance and print images. The goal of color management is to build an imaging system that can be used to print with confidence, and produce consistent results over time. This course will cover the basics of color management and go thru advanced calibration and profiling techniques, as well as professional studio practices. Participants will learn all about color management and how to build a calibrated system, so they can predictably print what they see. Studio practices include scanning and printing workflows, image preparation and editing techniques, print handling, storage and packing, and equipment maintenance. Come learn at the studio recognized as a pioneer in digital printmaking! 

Appropriate for both beginning and advanced practitioners.

Scheduled: Aug 20, 2018 to Aug 23, 2018  Sign up here
Scheduled: Oct 8, 2018 to Oct 11, 2018  Sign up here

Digital Negatives that Work

Digital Negatives that Work is the name of this workshop because the method that we teach using the new PiezoDN software and inks system produces a negative for any darkroom or alternative process automatically rather than by the tedious process required by other systems. It’s self-adjusting to variables by simply remeasuring a target. It is the easiest to use system. And its simplicity matches its best in industry performance. These negatives produce higher acuity, smoother tonal response, and better linearization than other digital negative systems.

Our method works so that you can produce more and better work. We like to say that our software and inks system does the work so that you do not have to.

When this course is taught in Vermont we use the Platinum / Palladium process because it is the least toxic of any darkroom or alternative process. We are on country plumbing here at Cone Editions Press and we are mindful of what we put in our land and in our bodies. But, the process that you will learn for making digital negatives is directly applicable to any other darkroom or alt process.

If your ultimate goal is to make silver prints, or salt prints, or cyanotypes or any process that requires a digital negative – this workshop is for you. If you have always wanted to learn platinum / palladium printing, this workshop is also perfect for you!

Scheduled: Apr 23, 2018 to Apr 26, 2018  Sign up here
Scheduled: Jun 25, 2018 to Jun 28, 2018  Sign up here
Scheduled: Oct 15, 2018 to Oct 18, 2018  Sign up here

Old School Printmaking for New School Teachers

What is old school printmaking? It’s a way to describe a process which did not find its way into new school printmaking. And this workshop is designed to show you how to bring it in and to inspire others. Please read the description for more info!

This would be a perfect workshop for those who consider themselves knowledgable enough about workflows and systems and feel that they can easily adapt to an advanced workshop. You should have a basic working knowledge of Photoshop.

Scheduled: Jul 30, 2018 to Aug 2, 2018  Sign up here

Experimental Inkjet Printing for Artists

Alternative inks, uncoated papers, vellum, inkjet fabric. 
This workshop is a creative exploration and experimentation designed to expand the participant’s vocabulary. The purpose is to explore new methodologies and perspectives. We’ll utilize a large variety of substrates and techniques in a digital lab of studio collaborators. If you’re looking for a digital upgrade to your toolbox, this visual smorgasbord is an exciting new workshop offering! If you like hanging out on the cutting edge then this is the workshop for you!!

Scheduled: Jul 16, 2018 to Jul 19, 2018  Sign up here

The Piezography Workshop In SantaFe: Piezography Reimagined

New in 2017, Piezography Pro has been released and Jon will introduce the principles of this magic system, how it works, how you use it, in addition to a thorough course on art of Piezography.

This workshop is hosted by and takes place at Making Art Safely workshops.

Scheduled: Jun 11, 2018 to Jun 15, 2018  Sign up at Making Art Safely


Piezography for Beginners

This course will take you from basics to mind blowing in four days. Absolutely everything you ever wanted to know about PIEZOGRAPHY AND PIEZOGRAPHY PRO using both QuadTone RIP or / and the new Piezography printer driver and quite a bit more. Learn directly at the Studio that invented Piezography from the instructors who continually design and update it! 

Appropriate for both pre-Piezography and new users of Piezography. You need only a basic working knowledge of either Photoshop or and Lightroom.

Scheduled: May 7, 2018 to May 10, 2018  Sign up here
Scheduled: Jun 4, 2018 to Jun 7, 2018  Sign up here
Scheduled: Sep 17, 2018 to Sep 20, 2018  Sign up here


Advanced Piezography Printmaking

This workshop is perfect for those with more Piezography experience or those who have taken a prior Piezography workshop. Piezography is all new again for 2018. There are new drivers and new workflow that no longer require the use of QuadTone RIP. This would be a perfect workshop for those with experience in our previous workflows seeking to get up to speed with the new. It is also perfect for those who consider themselves knowledgable enough about workflows and systems and feel that they can easily adapt to an advanced workshop.

Appropriate for seasoned users of Piezography. You should have a basic working knowledge of Piezography and either Photoshop or and Lightroom.

Scheduled: May 14, 2018 to May 17, 2018  Sign up here
Scheduled: Sep 24, 2018 to Sep 27, 2018  Sign up here
Scheduled: Oct 22, 2018 to Oct 25, 2018  Sign up here

Print-out platinum-palladium and PiezoDN with Pradip Malde

This workshop is designed to teach platinum-palladium printing with enlarged digital negatives, as both an introductory and advanced-level opportunity to become familiar with one of the most highly nuanced approaches to the process. The method taught in this workshop has recently been recognized by conservators as the most permanent variation of the process. The image appears as it is exposed (print-out) and renders remarkably smooth tones, with the legendary ‘creamy’ highlights and open shadows.

Scheduled: Aug 13, 2018 to Aug 16, 2018  Sign up here

Contemplative Printmaking with Jon Cone

Limited to six attendees. Your work is at the forefront of this workshop. The idea is to slow it down and to concentrate and contemplate the making of a print. We’ll work in monotone.

When you hear a printmaker say that they worked on a print for several weeks, have you ever considered what they possibly did in all that time? What would you do in that time? What if you had an opportunity to work on a single image for four days with the idea of learning the processes that go into making a Master Print.

This would be a perfect workshop for those who consider themselves knowledgable enough about workflows and systems and feel that they can easily adapt to an advanced workshop. You should have a basic working knowledge of Piezography and either Photoshop or and Lightroom. However, it is more important to be comfortable in Photoshop and Lightroom than having experience in Piezography (we can do the technical part of printing – it doesn’t change your experience in terms of reflecting on the prints and responding to them.)

Scheduled: Jul 23, 2018 to Jul 26, 2018  Sign up here

The Painted Photograph with Cathy Cone

This hands on workshop combines digital printing and water based painting. This is a multi media approach to image making. Experimentation is encouraged with goal of expanding one’s visual vocabulary and tool box. Participants will use gouache, watercolor and drawing materials for layering printed images. The goal is to infuse and inspire your personal practice through the infinite combination of these mediums. The week includes group critiques, discussions and demonstrations.

Scheduled: Sep 10, 2018 to Sep 13, 2018  Sign up here

General Info: Lodging, Food, etc.


The studio is located at 17 Powder Spring Road, Topsham, Vermont 05076. It is registered with Google Maps and you can trust Google directions to our studio. The studio is open to students from 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM. Instruction is typically delivered between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM. Your instructor sets time for demonstrations, lunch, critiques and clean up.


Our nearest airport (75 minutes) is Burlington International Airport (BTV) in Burlington, VT. Other airports are Manchester-Boston Regional Airport (MHT) (130 minutes) and Boston-Logan (180 minutes). There are car rentals as well as private taxis and shuttles between the airport in Burlington, VT and East Topsham.


The amount of lodging near us is very limited. You must make reservations early. Within walking distance is a small B&B with friendly owners and excellent breakfast at which you can stay at or buy it if you like our village: http://www.vermontbackintime.info/

In nearby Fairlee, VT is the Lake Morey Resort: http://www.lakemoreyresort.com

About 45 minutes away is Hanover, NH home of Dartmouth University with more upscale type hotels and a wide choice of very high standard dining.


East Corinth
Thompson Hill Campground and Store: http://www.thompsonhillcampground.com/

Groton State Forest
Ricker Pond State Park: http://www.vtstateparks.com/ricker.html


We provide a tasty and healthy lunch each day according to the questionairre you are asked to fill out prior to your arrival. Coffee, esspresso, and tea are all very important to us and is always available fresh ground. We have a refrigerator in case you need to bring things you would rather not be without.

For dinner, Vermont is known for its interesting and regional cuisine. Some of our favorites are close and others are not so close.

Bradford, VT
Colatina Exit: http://www.colatinaexit.com

Fairlee, VT
Samurai Soul Food: https://www.facebook.com/samuraisoulfood/

Whippi Dip: https://www.facebook.com/Whippi-Dip-186799878038774/

Montpelier, VT

Kismet: www.kismet.com

Salt: http://www.saltcafevt.com

New England Culinary Institute restaurants: http://www.neci.edu/restaurants/

Three Penny Taproom http://www.threepennytaproom.com

Orford, NH

Peyton Place http://www.peytonplacerestaurant.com

Ariana’s http://www.arianasrestaurant.com

Hanover, NH

Salt Hill Pub http://www.salthillpub.com

Pine http://www.pineathanoverinn.com/

Canoe Club http://www.canoeclub.us/

And of course, this also happens at our workshops!