On this page you can send image files to us at any size up to 2GB per file. We accept TIF, JPG, PSD, PSB, NEF, CR2, DNG, ARW, and ZIP files. If you have an alternative file type to upload just compress it into a “.zip” file and upload.

This page requires a proper browser to work well. Use the most recent version of Safari, or Google Chrome for best results.

This page is not a job order or proof order page. It is for uploading files after a job order has already been submitted and you are needing to send more files (or updated files). If you upload images without contacting the studio before-hand, the files will be deleted without opening.

Every file is uploaded to a password protected directory, is encrypted, and is checked for viruses on the server and then by hand (a second time) after downloading. Files sent without prior communication will be deleted.

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