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Standard Portfolio Order Form

I have an odd-sized image but this product forces me to choose a standard sheet size, why?
In order to make the portfolio printing efficient and cost-effective, we enforce a standard sheet size. If you choose a size that encompasses your image size and download the template, you can put small images in the extra white space and the print-fee will be the same! We print whatever is on the template so this is a great way to get extra small images printed like post-cards or prints that would be tipped into a photo-book. Many customers will actually tile small images onto large sheets and order these from us because the square-foot price on large prints is significantly less than small prints!

I want a really specific border around my image, AND I have an odd-ball sheet size, can I do that with this service?
Yes, you can do that with this service. What you’ll want to do is actually use Photoshop. In Photoshop, flatten your image. Go to Image>Image-Size and set the long-dimension to a desired image print size. Make sure the background-color is set to white. Then go to >Image>Canvas Size and set your canvas size to the sheet-size you want (this creates your borders).  The Select All (Cmd/Ctr A) and go to >Edit>Stroke. Set the color to a light gray and make sure the stroke is set to “inside.” Then click “OK.” This will draw a 1px line around the border edges. Flatten your image. Then download and use the Portfolio Template file that your print size will fit into and drag all your stroked image files into that template. When you receive your prints, they will be properly bordered and marked and you will be able to cut them out of the larger sheets. If you have even more factors to think about, you may want to start a Custom Print job.

I am used to Piezography printing and all of my files are already mastered for that, should I choose the “Piezography Match to Screen” service or the “Piezography Linear” service?

  1. If you have been printing your files with Piezography and have been choosing “No Color Management” in Print-Tool on OS X, or have been using qtrGUI on the PC, then choose “Piezography Linear.
  2. If you have not been printing with Piezography but with ABW or some other b&w system, you can choose the default option and our printing service will match what you see on screen.
  3. If you want to dive full-tilt into mastering your files with the full potential of the linear Piezography print system, choose Linear Piezography and download the ICC profiles and Instructions that pop up!

Can I order different sized prints from image to image?
The only way we can make portfolio printing cost-effective for ourselves and our customers is if we can standardize the roll and sheet size for a given job. You can always do another portfolio order at a different size however! If multiple orders come in from a customer in one day and they are all shipping to the same location we will package the prints together to be efficient and will bill everything in one invoice.

What is your turn-around time?
To be safe, we say two weeks, but generally it is way faster than that. Two weeks is a guaranteed turnaround after the files have been verified and the job has been paid for by the client. Often we are able to get the job done within the week of order but that is based on how busy the lab is and how large the portfolio is. Sometimes we need to special order material for a portfolio so that adds time as well. We can guarantee two weeks.

Can I call you to consult on my images before ordering a portfolio?
You can always call us to ask questions, however online portfolio print ordering is entirely online. If you want to get proofs or ask us more detailed questions before hitting submit, though, please call us! We can’t do special-custom stuff to your online order though as this is our Custom Printing service, but we can certainly answer questions you may have about our services and capabilities. Extra service items like looking at your files before your order a portfolio, is billed a normal hourly labor rate.


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