Aquatint Gravure is one of the oldest photographic processes in history spanning all the way from Fox Talbot through today. A few master printmakers continue to produce photographic works in gravure and these prints are seen and sold throughout the high-end art market worldwide. Cone Editions offered this process throughout the 1980s and 1990s. We now offer a hybrid process for all artists online or in person that is the digital equivalent of “aquatint gravure”.

At Cone Editions Press, we do digital “direct to plate” photopolymer gravure printing using our own in-house developed system. This lets the artist come with or send us digital files and get editions made right away!



Photopolymer Gravure Edition Prices Per Print:*

Up to Image Size 5-10 Prints >10 Prints 25+ Prints
8x10.5 $85ea $75ea $70ea
11x16 $150ea $133ea $125ea
16x22.7 $260ea $240ea $225ea
22.8x32 $402ea $370ea $350ea
PRINT DAY $1500 (as many prints as possible)    

*The fine print....

There is a $187.50 setup charge for each proofing or printing session which includes preparing the paper, mixing the ink, and setting up the press.

Proofing: Proofs are available at 1st print prices plus setup charge when a customer is working with us remotely. If the print size is very large, we can produce smaller-sized plates and reference proofs for approval.

We do require a signed BAT proof in order to print full editions. however we can produce a small-proof (8x10) that exactly matches the tonal rendition of the larger final print if requested. This small BAT proof is then send to the artist for signing and ship-back. Proofing requires a setup charge each time. However, our process closely matches a calibrated display and we rarely need to produce more than one proof (which often is returned to us as the signed BAT.)

Paper sizes allow for 2-3” margin in addition to print size. Editions must be fully printed in a single run.


Ready to Print Photopolymer Gravure Plates from your supplied image(s):*

Plate Dimensions 1 Plate 2-4 Plates 5-9 Plates 10+ Plates
8x10.5 $99 $87 $82 $73
11x16 $154 $133 $124 $115
16x22.7 $262 $232 $216 $204
22.8x32 $402 $389 $375 $375

* The fine print.

Prices represent the cost per plate.

Photopolymer plates made for shipping to our customers for the above sizes are on A5, A4, A3, A2, and A1 sized sheets respectively. We will leave it to you to trim your plates to your desired sizes. We charge $20 each plate for trimming.  You should include plate marks within your image size if you want plate margins.  Plates for in-house printmaking do not incur additional trimming charges.


This Photopolymer Gravure service can happen in a variety of ways depending upon the requirements of the artist.

It starts with a phone-call or email:

Generally the best way to start a job is to call or email us (contact info below) so we can have a conversation with you about what you wish to achieve. Then we can formulate a quote and send this estimate to you by email for you to approve. After that you send us digital files for proofing and we’ll either make full-size edition-ready plates for first-press “BAT” proofs for sign-off by you (the artist) or we’ll make small-size proofs that are less costly if the edition is going be something large like 30×40 in size. Phone: (802) 439-5751

Our services matches your monitor:

The important thing to remember in all of this is that our photopolymer gravure service matches your monitor. That means the files you send us should be pretty much print-ready so that the proofs we send back are acceptable. If the images need work, or you are sending us film to scan first, all our other services and labor-rates apply to that work.

Print-day gravure editions:

The single most cost-effective way to edition with us is to come do a print-day (or multiple print-days). This is a flat-rate day where we get as many plates and press prints done as we can between 9am and 4pm when the artist is present. The benefit of being “on press” (other than roughly a 50% decrease in per-print costs) is that you get to see the prints as they are made live and you can tweak or tune the images if you need to without re-print cost penalties. This ensures that each edition is done correctly and to the exact requirements of the artist. With print-day gravure editioning we recommend that you prepare and send us your files ahead-of-time. This way we can start plate-making at 9am sharp without too much prep-time or file-editing. Because our plate-to-press time is less than an hour, and because we can print many plates in batches, this allows us to start the editions on the intaglio press very quickly after an ink/colour/paper has been chosen by the artist. What we described above is just one way. Some artists want to iterate or experiment with different colors or over-print or do a whole series of wild things. A full studio day allows for that kind of experimentation too!

Get in Touch:


Order Process:

At Cone Editions Press we can print, develop, and FedEx plates to you quickly and effortlessly world-wide. Use the form below to get started with your order. We’ll take a look at your request, inspect your digital file(s) and compute any quantity discount + shipping charges. Once everything is good to go, we’ll send you an invoice payable online for the total and then print/develop/ship your Photopolymer Gravure plates after payment is complete.


Turnaround for plate ship-out after payment can vary anywhere from 24hrs to 2 weeks depending on how many plates you want made and how quickly you make payment on the invoice before plate production. Our normal turnaround after payment is about 1 week for plate production although when our lab is not too busy we often turnaround plates much faster. Plates can be rushed for a fee determined on a case-by-case basis. We do not ship plates before payment is complete.

File Prep:

You do not need to do anything special with your image before sending it to us. There is no need to flip the image, soft-proof, add stochastic dithers, or any other special things that you may have done before when prepping images for plates. Just make sure the image looks good on your screen, place it into the template file below, and upload.

Photoshop Template Files:

   8.3″x11.7″   |   11.7″x16.5″  |   16.5″x23.7″   |   23.4″x33.1″