Our Services:

Gregory Colbert - Ashes and Snow If you are seeking to have an autographic process that is unique to your vision, or you wish to have your work printed in ways that other studios can not resolve - we develop inks and inkjet technology. We've been collaborating with artists and photographers since 1980. Please contact Jon Cone directly to discuss your project.
PiezographyK11 and PiezographyK7 printmaking are the latest incarnations of the legendary black & white inkjet processes that Jon Cone has been developing since the early 1990's. The only black&white inkjet process that produce tens of thousands of gray levels. Piezography is printed using carbon pigment ink sets with up to 12 gradated dilutions. This process produces the smoothest possible tonality, greatest available longevity, and significantly higher resolution and detail than processes from HP, Canon, and EPSON. We're the formulaters of the Piezography ink sets. We can customize solutions for special projects including inks and software. For more info click here...

IRIS printmaking was first introduced at Cone Editions in 1991 as an adjunct to its experimental etching, screenprint and monoprint. Jon Cone was IRIS Graphics' Marketing and Devlopment Partner for Fine Arts. We established more than 50 giclée studios across the USA.

Our last IRIS Print project was in 2012 with photographer Zana Briski. We have just retired our last IRIS 3047 in 2014 and will no longer be offering these services.

EPSON and Roland printmaking have steadily improved over the years to the point that pigment inks are rated for 100+ years longevity. We use the ConeColor pigment ink set which eliminats metamerism. We can also overprint your work with a full sheet flooding of Piezography Gloss Overprint to perfectly equalize the gloss of the inks and paper as well as totally eliminate bronzing and give a saturation and presence to the work not normally found in Epson and Roland printing. State of art in baryta and non-matte surface when trying to imitate museum quality darkroom prints. For more info click here...
Hell 3400
The Linotype-Hell 3400 scanner which we use produces a much higher standard of quality than any other type of scanner. This scanner uses an analog technology to produce better detail in both highlights and shadows of negatives and transparencies. If quality is important to your work, there is no substitute for drum scanning. Because the Piezography process benefits by higher amounts of optical resolution, a Hell drum scan offers a complimentary solution to the process whenever scanning is required. For more info click here...
The TTI 40 x 60 reprographics direct scanner was custom-built for Cone Editions in the mid-1990s. Since then we have outfitted it with a higher resolution head and non-evasive 5000k flicker-free fluorescent lighting to prevent harm to rare manuscripts and artwork when we scan. The base permits up to 40" x 60" artwork with a depth of 14". This is an exciting system for artists wishing to experiment with collage and montage. For more info click here...

For printing at Cone Editions Press, please contact Cathy Cone at (802) 439-5751