Piezography® Printmaking


Piezography® a Registered Trademark of Cone Editions Press is the latest incarnation of the legendary black & white inkjet processes that Jon Cone has been developing since the early 1990's. Piezography is printed using carbon pigment ink sets with as many as seven gradated dilutions. This process produces the smoothest possible tonality, greatest available longevity, and can produce tack sharp enlargements from medium to large format film.

Whereas Epson ABW process produces only 100s of gray tonal separations, Piezography produces tens of thousands of individual gray tonal separations. Piezography is the only printing system that can actually reproduce 16bit grayscale images.

Because we are the develolper of the Piezography ink sets, we can customize solutions for special projects including inks and software.

By eliminating color inks to print black & white, we accomplish several things:

  • Better longevity because there are no color components to fade or shift.
  • Zero metamerism.
  • True monochromatic look.
  • Greater detail in shadows and highlights than conventional darkroom prints.

We have six large format printers dedicated to different Piezography ink sets such as Neutral, Carbon, Selenium Tone, Warm Neutral, and two different SplitTone ink sets. All of these ink sets feature between six and seven dilutions of ink and have an unprecedented lightfastness. Piezography is the best way to print your black & white images if you care about the highest possible standards.

How it works
The Piezography process starts with either drum scans of your original film or from your digital camera files. If you have medium or large format film, we can scan with tremendous optical resolution in order to produce tack sharp enlargements up to 44" wide. With 35mm film we will optimize the scan to reduce grain as much as possible. . We scan specifically for the Piezography process adjusting the detail and tonal ranges for optimum results. Digital camera files produce very smooth results with enlargements that may be possible beyond your expectations. We will of course help determine what is possible. Additionally, we can use our TTI scanner to recreate fine art pencil and charcoal drawings to make uncanny replications.

Color tone choices
The Piezography ink sets produce a single monotone color. The tone can be modulated warmer or cooler depending upon paper. We feature the five main Piezography is sets: Carbon, Neutral, Selenium, Special Edition, and Warm Neutral. But, we can also produce complex split tones from mixing these inks.

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