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direct scanning

The TTI 40 x 60 reprographics direct scanner was custom-built for Cone Editions in the mid-1990s. Since then we have outfitted it with a higher resolution head and non-evasive 5000k flicker-free fluorescent lighting to prevent harm to rare manuscripts and artwork when we scan. The base permits up to 40" x 60" artwork with a depth of 14". This is an exciting system for artists wishing to experiment with collage and montage.

Direct scanning in comparison to transparency scanning for art reproduction allows us to see the actual artwork. Often transparencies of artwork present their own issues and problems such as color-cast or excessive grain. By direct scanning we can proof to match the original so that the color we produce has the best chance of matching the original.

  • Combined with Piezography can produce replications of pencil or charcoal.
  • Does away with finding a high-quality photo house to make 4x5s of your art.

How it works
We evaluate your needs in regards to the process you have selected as well as the inherent qualities of the original before scanning. We have insurane to cover loss or damage of originals while in our possession or while being shipped by us. We are used to handling rare and expensive art work so please do not hesitate to use this unique service.

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